WTS: Hori RAP-EX (HITBOX converted) / Madcatz TE (360)


Hori RAP-EX ($140+shipping)


  • Replacement plexi with hitbox layout from tek-innovations
  • 24mm neon green sanwa snap in L,D,R buttons
  • 30mm neon green sanwa snap in U button
  • 30mm white seimtsu screw in buttons
  • Tek Innovations top loader conversion kit (screw missing on purpose, but then…I lost it)

Original Sanwa JLF included in case you want to convert it back.

Madcatz TE (130+shipping)


  • Tek Innovations plexi
  • Sexy art?
  • Pink sanwa snap in buttons
  • Seimitsu Pink bubble top

They both have been used and aren’t 100% perfect. However they do still look amazing and nothing but some light scratches.


I’m also welcome to any offers


do you still have the hitbox for sale?


Extremely interested in the hitbox plz pm me

The Price Check Thread

Yes still for sale. Pm me if you want it


Is the Xbox360 TE still available?


Pmed about 360 stick


Both are currently still available.


replied back to pm


Both buyers stopped contact. Still for sale


if you going to break down the te into parts plz hit me up =D thanks


ARe these still available? Are you willing to go down in price?


Still here. Pm me an offer. I have a little room to work with before it’s cheaper to just keep them


Price drop:

Hitbox - $110 + shipping
Te - $100 + shipping

PM me if interested.


All buyers disappeared. Need to clear out room. Any offers?

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I’ll offer you 70.00 for the Te stick.
I don’t want to offend but that’s what I’d be willing to pay.


TE still available? What round is the stick and what Rev is the board (if you don’t mind checking)?


It’s a round 1. I have no idea what revision the board is. Pm me how to find it and I’ll look

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Hi, Dont suppose the hitbox is still for sale?


Hi i am wanting to know if the hitbox is still for sale