WTS: HORI RAP VXL / Various Games


EDIT: New Item

All prices include shipping to the US, contact me if you want to ship outside the US. Most things other than the arcade sticks are going to be packed in bubble mailers, if you would like specific shipping boxes or expedited shipping let me know so I can adjust the prices.
I’m negotiable on price especially if you are buying a few things. I also collect DVD and VHS fighting game tournaments. I especially love really old US tournaments that had semi-professional DVDs put together like Texas Showdown, so I trade for those or just outright purchase them. Thanks for looking.

1.) Hori Hayabusa Buttons and Joystick (From a RAPro N) - $35 SOLD to marquezsf

2.) Hori RAP 3 w/ custom Sanwa Buttons & Joystick - $55 Sold to HauntedM
3.) Hori Fightstick Mini (PS4/PS3) - $25
4.) Hori Fighting Commander (PS4/PS3) - $15

5.) House of the Dead (JP Import) - $5SOLD
6.) Soul Calibur (JP Import) - $6
7.) Gundam Battle Assault 2 (PS1/No Manual) -$10
8.) Street Fighter III Soundtrack - $25
9.) Tekken 5 (Disc Only/PS2) $5
10.) Rival Schools (Disc Only/PS1) - $30

11.) Guilty Gear XX Reload (PS2) - FREE + Shipping or add it to a purchase.SOLD
12.) AV to HDMI Converter - $15SOLD

13.) Guilty Gear X Sammy Cup Tournament DVD - $10

14.) Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4/No DLC) -$40SOLD
15.) New Gundam Breaker (PS4) - $25 SOLD
16.) Crown CWL-307FJ-JMS Joystick w/ Conversion Harness - $20 SOLD to t_rexdex

17.) Hori VLX Kuro for PS4 with SpliteFrame bag
$300 shipped


how used is the fc4? I’m not worried about the cable since I’ll use it for a pad hack.


It’s in pretty good shape, I didn’t use it because I had intended to hack it myself. I bought it new and it’s basically been sitting in a bin with other hackable controllers.


Hi i’d like the Hori RAP 3 can you do 50 flat for it?


How’s the condition of Hori Hayabusa Buttons and Joystick?


They were lightly used for about a month. Still clean and function perfectly.


Prices are super good, specially on that VLX Hayabusa :wink:

Great guy to deal with, a real gentleman!~


PM sent!


Is the Hori Fightstick Mini (PS4/PS3) - $25 still available?