WTS: HORI REAL ARCADE PRO 2 with PS3 Pelican Adapter- SOLD

Finally getting around to selling my Hori Real Arcade Pro v.2 it’s compatible with PS2/PS3/PC (I am including the Pelican PS2>PS3 adapter) It has served me well for two console generations.

As you can see from the pics it’s in excellent condition. It still works great on current PS3 fighting games all buttons and commands work…I wasn’t able to get it to work at all on PS4 (SF4U/SFV)

My asking price is $125 (S&H included) I live in CT,USA and I am okay with shipping anywhere in the United States.


Looks mint, If you did want to use it for PS4, just get a brooks PSX to PS4 adapter. It’s their cheapest one ~$29.99

Thanks I had no idea, I really didn’t want to take apart and solder

super clean man, yeah, seems like you didnt have trouble with input lag using the ps3 adapter, get a ps4 one as said above.


check them out here, you might be able to buy them from 3rd party retailers like ArcadeShock.com or FocusAttack.com

PM sent

SOLD thank you everyone