WTS: hori real arcade pro 2 + xbox 360 converter for $50 & free shipping ON EBAY

I am auctioning my hori real arcade pro 2 arcade stick for $50 free shipping on ebay. It comes with a xbox 360 converter box that requires the original wired xbox 360 controller connected to it in order to work. Converter doesnt work with any other controller, only original wired one.*

I am selling this because when i purchased a xbox 360 hori real arcade pro ex from a seller on amazon, he sent me a hori real arcade pro 2 with a ps2 to xbox 360 converter box instead. It looks like it is in good condition… I opened it up to look in the inside of it to see if anything was broken but everything was connected normally and i tested it and it worked fine.*

This is the first thing i have ever sold online so im new to all this. Also i took pictures of it but i dont have a computer to upload them. I am on my ipod touch right now… The only way i can show pictures of it is on xbox live in photo party so if anyone wants to see it and has xbox live then my gamertag is. Furryazzpikachu. Add me and i can show what it looks like inside n outside in photo party. Also someone please buy this!! I really need money to buy a wii and pokemon soulsilver, i need 70 more dollars! Oh yea my ebay username is baz00kap00ka. The 0’s are zeros btw.

u could just put a buy it now for 70 on ebay if thats what u need but you dont have 50 posts or 6 months to sell on here yet:(

Well i kind of need more money since pokemon and the wii will have alot of tax and shipping costs alot i think (i have never shipped before) so i want to try to get the most i can. Oh yea if anyone has any question about the arcade stick or converter box then you can ask. I tried to describe it as best as i can since i hate when i buy something online and i end up not being like what i thought it would be. Which happened to me about 3 times! Got scammed and gave me wrong arcade stick, bought ipod chargers that work but make my ipod go crazy when i try to use it while charging, n i got a quick charge kit for xbox 360 listed under chargers n batterries n it didnt come with rechargeable battery T.T yep very angering

You may not Sell on SRK at this time.
Infraction is coming.

So Edit or Delete of anything referring to you selling.
No eBay links, Username, price, anything.

Buy it now for $70 for an HRAP2. Lol. You sneaky guy…!

how many sticks do you have? Didn’t you just buy another one a few days ago ibeatu?

?? I read the sticky an it said you only get banned or whatever if you trade stuff without 6months and 50 posts but im selling so that doest count does it??

Oh yea i filed a complaint on amazon for the guy who gave me the wrong arcade stick and he didnt reply so amazon gave me back the 60$ i paid and i got to keep the arcade stick so it ended up being free

oh yea i won a wii on ebay for 180$! It came with wii sports, supersmash brawl, about 11 downloaded games an a ton of accessories. I still need money though since my parents never give me any money and i am completely broke after buying the wii. And i still need to get pokemon which comes out tomorrow and i have no money for it T.T

oh yea anyone know how much my arcade stick is worth?

From the rules:

  1. To use the trading outlet (sell or trade) you have to be with the site for at least 6 months, and have 50 posts. Failure to meet the requirement will result in a infraction or ban.

If you post some better pics of your stick and converter I may be interested in your auction. Not going to bid until I see some pics however.

And yes, you have broken the rules of this site.

lol this guy is funny.