WTS Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 (PS3) original case and PCB w/free bare phreakmods cerberus pcb

[s]I have 6 Paradise Arcade Shop OBS-MX cherry microswitch buttons with black caps and 6 red translucent Sanwa OBSC 30mm buttons.
$15 = 6 x OBS-MX
$15 = 6 x Red Translucent Sanwa OBSC 30mm

I can throw in matching balltops for free and a few other useful parts if one person buys both sets.

Case is original and unchanged and original PCB as well. Buttons swapped for white sanwa snap-ins and white bat top JLF. Will include white balltop if you want.
asking 50 plus shipping. I also have a bare (no terminals, PCB only) phreakmods cerberus PCB I can include for free. (free is good)


buttons sold


Hey didnt see that you wanted the buttons thread closed before i saw the other WTS thread. Can you just edit the OP & thread title with the stick info? Sorry.

no problem, edited it now. Thanx!

HRAP 3 or V3?

hrap3 (old skool) but sold now