WTS: Hori Real Arcade Pro(SOLD)

Hori Real Arcade Pro SOLD

White case and PCB from a Hrap2
Black top panel from a Hrap3
Sanwa stick(stock)
Red ball top
Red Sanwa OBSF-30 Buttons.
everything is Brand New, not even used once.

$130.00 shipped (US residents only).

id buy it if i didnt have one already way good deal.

I agree with erikstanton, this is well to good of a deal to back down. I also have one already though.

well if no one buy it, will go to eBay Monday morning 2.

I’m actually surprised you haven’t gotten any offers yet, but the price may be a little steep.

The price isn’t steep at all.

HRAP2 - $100 + shipping = around $120
8 Sanwa OBSF-30 - $2.50 x 8 = $20 + shipping = $25

Total - $145-ish

That’s $15, unless you can get an HRAP2 at a local store and saving on shipping the huge thing.

makes sense :slight_smile:

This is a dumb good deal

Argh US residents only :x


Are you asking for Pictures? :wtf:

lol. :rofl:

Good deal man, hope you get a buyer soon.

On hold

Antonio, If that falls through, would you knock a little off of shipping if I came to pick it up (and play some games.)?! :wgrin:

Also, I’m still looking for a black case if you have one (I know you have LOTS of sticks).

I’m very interested.


Day, Time and Hour?

Ah, you sold it!?!?! To me!? lol.

Yes I sold it all ready, but I have a black case 4 u.

How much are you asking?

Would you be willing to trade for a white one!? Cause I’d basically be swapping out the white one for a black one on a HRAP2 (that I don’t own yet… but will be buying soon).

Basically, I’m looking to make an all Black HRAP2 to compliment my all white one.