WTS: Hori Real Arcade Pro Stick


SOLD!!! Thanks for interest


any pics, p.m. sent


Sheesh V4MPIRO can you spare at least one stick for us new guys? I get dibs if V4MPIRO decides to stop hoarding.


Vampiro lives in the trading forum.


You need a stick, talk to me, Japanese American, you name it. I got em all


I need a japanese stick then, PM me with your selection.


^^^^^^same, wtf


PM Me too


I have a Namco stick fetish! That yellow button on gray case, along with portability is sooo nice! PM me? :badboy:






VAMPIRO, Always on the ball! :tup: I’d still like to see it.


I’m interested, how much?


90USD w/o shipping? I gotta check with the post office how much shipping would be


Still like to see it! :wgrin:


It’ll be around 8.60 if you ship it UPS Ground. Takes 5 to 7 days and really is the best way to do it, in terms of $$$ to time ratio imo.


Ok got the pics already for those who’s keen.

I kept the box with the cupboard and what not, in the event i had to sell, then transporting it wouldnt damage the stick… i think

Anyway i do have some bad news. As i’m not in USA, the shipping’s pretty high, like 50USD cos the thing weighs a bomb. The lowest i can go is 80USD for the stick, factor in the shipping and the total price’s USD130.
With tracking information of course…


How much to ship in Canada?


Where are you located? I think I might be interested in this


I’d trade a PS2 MVC2 for it :slight_smile: