WTS Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA (Dual Modded) $150

i am selling a hori real arcade pro V3-SA that is dual modded for PS3 and XBOX360, and can also be used on PC. it is dual modded with a Paewang Revoulution PCB that in PS3/ XBOX360/ PC ready. all Sanwa parts. kept in great condition, no dents, cracks or blemishes. i am selling it for $140. i live in Garden Grove California and will do local pick in the southern california area only. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!


Good guy here, stick is a beaut.

@metuulguitarist my email is joeurgod@yahoo.com, send me a “hello” email so i can reply with the pics off my phone.

@rumble…WHAT UP NINJA?!

the new price is 140. but local pickup only