WTS: Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Custom, Other Stuff

Hello Again I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Custom for the Xbox 360 I’m willing to part with. I barley use it since I play my fighters on the Playstation3 and all buttons are custom sanwa and ball top to match the color green of the logos/stick. Willing to part with for $123 Shipped with original box. Only accepting Paypal Payments and Only shipping in the U.S. Also Have a few other stuff to sell. If you guys any questions fell free to ask. Thanks!

HORI Real Arcade Pro VX SA - $130 Shipped. SOLD

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Brandy Game Guide - $15 Shipped

PS3 Version 1.0 Wireless Bluetooth Head set - $20 Shipped

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 - $30 Shipped Jill & Shuma Code Already Used

Super Street Fighter 4 Xbox 360 - $18 Shipped

WWE Madcatz Fighter Pad Xbox 360 (Like New) - $18 Shipped Works Just like the Street Fighter Pads

BlazBlue 3DS - $18 Shipped Like New

Killzone 3 PS3 - $20 Shipped Like New

More Later…

bump added a few more things and lowered the price down on the Ps3 Headset Does come with cable.