WTS: Hori SoulCalibur V stick for ps3

Amazon sent me this stick to review, and I’m taking a break from fighting games for a while. The stick is in great shape, all the buttons are responsive and the USB cable is perfect with no twists or tears. It’s about as close to being brand new as you can get. The box is in good shape, though the bottom of the box has a little damage. It comes from a smoke-free home and the stick has been used for about 10 hours total. It’s a great stick, but I just prefer the MadCatz ones.

I’d like to get $120 for it, including shipping within the US. If you live in Oregon and can come get it, I’ll knock the price down to $110. I’d really just like the cash, though I’d be willing to decrease the price a little more if you can get and install a Cthulhu PCB in my busted MCZ Chun-Li stick.