Wts: hori tekken 4 *sold*

the art has been removed, stick feels great and is a little banged up but still in decent shape. im looking for 75 shipped. Also willing to accept trades looking for stick parts or you can make an offer.

Are the stick / buttons stock or has it been modded?

I know the joystick. I have original hori Tekken 4 joystick.
look there buttons stock.
I can do it modding with this. i don’t want modding my stick.

$75 is too little high price.

I offer $65?

it all stock

do you shipped Canada??

i will ship to canada for a bit extra

all right, $75 shipped to Canada. fair enough.

reason, you destory the stick has no image that’s why low invesment.

Are you accepted that priced $75 shipped to Canada?

yea ill do 75 to canada pm me your info

I pm send you.