WTS: HORI V3 SA CHIMP DUAL MOD Ascii optical AND MORE PS3/360 Switchless 330.00 ship

Selling My V3 SA. Its been dualmodded with a Chimp so you just plug into a 360 or ps3 and your good. I added some lead weights to give it some heft, about 3 lbs. I changed all the buttons and have a Red meshball. I also painted the dust covers and start button. I also wired the led of the stick to the pcbs so I lights up when plugged in. BEST OF ALL COMES WITH A ASCII ANSWER an optical joysick. Everything is basically new. I added a new usb cord, NOTE the wire compartment door is a little flimsy(it came like this) I added a little hot glue to make sure it doesn’t come off so easily. Looking for 330 shipped or OBO




Bump 340!!

hack jw is all 8 buttons hacked?

I forgot, I think it is for Ps3 not so sure about 360. My fault Ibeatu.


more pics

If you have a 360 . you should test it out.

hotdog thats a sweet stick. hori v3 sa AND ascii stick

does the door open n close fine?

yup door opens and closes fine

Price drop 330

man I would have bought this from you already if I had the money, anyways gl on the sale!

thanks for looking!

your inbox is FULL.

STILL try to get trying to get you my info. clear your pm box.

my fault just cleaned it

Sold Close me!!