WTS- Hori V3-SA Dual MOD w/ Optical Stick

Please close thread

wow, i wanted that stick for a while, good deal, hope i can get it before its gone. Optical stick ftw.

Damn Juan, why are you selling this masterpiece? I don’t need another stick but that is tempting. It was great when I played on it. Wish I got a chance to try it out with Street Fighter.

is there any way I can just get the optical stick?

no i wont just sell it by itself cause the reason for selling it is to make some room at my house,…

Will, i love it but with all the sticks i have this one has the least sentimental value so its easier to let go. lol maybe if an money offer doesnt come along I’ll change my mind.

price drop

has this been sold yet? wonder why someone hasn’t jumped all over this. Got a check coming and if this is still here then Imma get it!

nope still havent really got a serious off yet either, maybe i’m being boycotted, lol. Tryin to decide if to lower it one more time but if i do that will be the final one.

lowered for last time.

Juan, can that start button be disabled on that stick?

Juan I’ll trade you a custom Korean stick Duel modded for it. This is Paris from Seattle

Paris, no thanks man, the reason i was selling it is to make some room at my place…Imma take this off here though.