WTS: Hori V3-SA (PS3), Gunnar Optics, Kid Robot Evil Ryu, Marvel/MVC3 Mini Mates Alternate Colors

Just recreated my thread since I had more stuff to sell. Prices are not set in stone and willing to negotiate.

Evil Ryu’s; SOLD

MVC3 Minimates: SOLD

Hori V3-SA (PS3): Asking for 110, brand new never been opened.

Gunnar Optics: PPK model. Cobolt blue lens with white frames. Asking for 50.


Price drop on the V3-SA

I’m interested in the Hori V3-SA (PS3) if it’s brand new. I will be at Evo as well. I will PM my contact.

So what’s the price now?


whats the price now?


Does that include shipping?

what color is the hori v3 -sa… can u post pics… of the sealed box… im interested… where are u located…

Yeah pics. Ill give you $100 with shipping included in the price.

I’m assuming you’re inquiring about the color of the case. The V3-SA only comes in a black case & has white Sanwa balltop & buttons. Well, unless you get the Amazon Japan special edition which has a black case as well but with a black balltop & purple buttons. BTW, there’s no seal (tape, etc.) on the box when you get it brand new.


Im interested in the Vsa too…is it still available?

bump, it is sealed in box, it’s black with white buttons + stick, brand new