WTS: Hori VLX + Custom Walnut Dual Modded Arcade Stick!


Up for sale:
Paypal only!
Shipping w/ tracking info to US **only! **(Not included with the price)
PM me!

Custom Walnut Arcade Stick (Dual Modded)
-Walnut case (by NiteWalker)
-Copper tubing job (by ComradeTao)
-Sanwa JLF (w/ Black Mesh Balltop + vermillion dust cover set)
-8x Sanwa OBSN
-3x Seimitsu PS14 D N K (Start, Select, Home Buttons)
-Project Giantsword 10ft Silver USB cord w/ Red LED

$270 Shipped!

More pics: http://flickr.com/gp/47939106@N06/630Ws9/


More pics: http://flickr.com/gp/47939106@N06/9H05B1/





Will these fit on a hrap3? If so, I can take them off your hands.


They’re screw ins, they’ll fit pretty much anything. The only issue you may run into is that the LK button may be too close to the mounting bracket to fit quite as easily as the rest.


Sounds good to me. I guess all I need now is paypal info. Money is ready to go.


Buttons sold!
PS3 TE-S added, pm me!




Pmt sent…


both of you are great seller and buyer, perfect for business.


Custom Comic-Con stick sold!
MVC2 PS3 TE added, pm me!


If I didn’t just get a widebody case from nitewalker…I’d take the mvc2 te off ur hands too…bump for great seller.


Thank you so much for reserving this for me. You will be paid sometime this week.


Buyer flaked, still up for sale! PM me!


Sweet, my first TE.




Everything sold!
I’m now looking to buy a dual-modded stick! PM me!




I have a dual modded Asian import TE. Check TO for pics.


I know you said non-TEs preferred, but I got a Chimp modded round 1 for sale: http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm70/Mr_x64/ebay/dual%20mod%20TE/?action=view&current=DSCN0057.jpg

Nice vewlix layout with acrylic shelf. I’d do $165 shipped.


Found a stick, sorry if I did not respond to your PM’s. Thank you all!


Hori VLX + Custom Walnut stick added, PM me!