WTS: Hori VLX Dual-modded(360/PS3)

Hey folks of SRK,
Tax season is here, and apparently I got caught in the allergy. :confused:

I have an Hori VLX used for three hours since I’ve owned it and in excellent condition. Originally the controller was for the 360, but is dual modded with the Chimp PCB inside the controller. There is no original boxing or the panel, but the cloth is still sealed in the pouch. $275 shipped.

Ascii Optical Stick(TRADED)
This is the alternative to the Sanwa Flash, and uses sensors, instead of microswitches for recognizing joystick movements. $55 shipped and/or can trade for 2x Sanwa JLF Joysticks


I have a large variety of brand spanking new Seimitsu buttons in both 30mm and 24mm
These will be sold as packs ONLY, and I can offer discounts if more is purchased.

Seimitsu PS-14-GNC 30mm (6 different pairs of color, 12 in total) (SOLD)


Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbuttons (8 total, in 4 pairs of color) (SOLD)


Seimitsus and Sanwa Variety in 24mm (14 buttons) $32 shipped


Drop me a PM! :smiley:

i’ll take the ascii. will trade for 2 JLF.

Trade Pending with Ascii Joystick!

hotdamn bay,this is a F’IN DEAL! for some reason trade doesnt go through can I please be in line?

I’m just waiting on the parts to arrive first, and once I receive it, I will mark the Pending off.

pm sent.

Sold some Seimitsu buttons

PMed interest in VLX

Damn, i got dinged by the tax man too. if i hadn’t i would have that VLX for sure…sigh