WTS Hori VLX MC cthulu modded for 200-250 range

trying to get rid of overstock, selling my HRAP VLX dual modded with an rj45 mod, looking for 250 but willing to go as low as 200, lmk please. Will be at evo so I can show it there. That low because I’m trying to get it out the door and **because the cable door is off **.

ill post pics if anybody is interested

You willing to ship it?

if you’re willing to pay for shipping, i’d have to see how much it is to ship though

If you can give me a price with shipping included to San Francisco(94116), I’ll consider it. USPS and UPS both have shipping calculators that give quotes after you give them dimensions of the box and about how much it weighs. If you take it to UPS, they’ll box it up for you also for an additional 3-4 bucks.

How much usage on it? A pic or two would also be great.


Been looking for one of these for awhile. Check your PM.
If you’re in Socal I can just drive up and grab it.

any pics of it?

sold, please close this, will reopen if buyer falls through