Its about 6 months old, dual modded(auto detect), seimitsu ls-32-01(the one with the wire harness not the messy one), brand new black/white buttons, have the carrying bag as well I was looking to sell it for 400 + whatever shipping cost are. If you are interested let me know its in perfect working condition it has a couple scratches on it because I dropped it in the midst of my hype when I qualified for top 8 at evo with it lol


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Damn Flash, I was just playing it last week too. :stuck_out_tongue:

bumped changed the price

I recommend !

Mind selling the bag separate???

no thanks if I dont sell the stick I am gonna want the bag lol

Is this dual modded with the VLX Kitty? Or just a ChImp? I may be interested after the 20th of this month.

What makes you want to sell it?

Umm I’m not sure which one it is but I can get a picture if need be I am selling it because I travel to much and I’m tired of carrying it around the stick is amazing especially if your the type to play casuals all day but I am not I move around a lot at tournaments

Flashmetroid is legit. I modded the stick for him during Evo 2011 and I approve of this buyer.

Do you do modding service on Next Level as well? Where’s post about services?Thanks.

Its on facebook! :smiley:
I’m Ben Fong dude.

Yeah, Ben is one of the best modders in NY. He’s been modding for a LONG time.
Good luck with your sale, Flash!

What kind of mod is the stick? CHimp or Kitty?

Thanks for the info guys.Nice to meet you Ben. I’m Cleiton tho.

It is most likely a chimp because that is what Ben Fong uses.
At least that is what he said he used on his spiderman stick.


Hey Flash I was that Guile player at Rock em Sock em tournament in NC that Noel beat in the team tournament. Since its duel modded and I know u want to sell it for 400 but, I’ll scoop it off of you for about 340 if u want to sell it cause I’m looking to buy this stick along time ago.


why does it matter which mod is it if it works for both systems?