WTS Hori VX SA Kai


Has just been collecting dust because i don’t use it, like new.
Asking $110USD shipped!



Where from? Shipping cost.


USA, Oregon
shipping will be determined by location


Yeah, sorry, I was in a rush when I typed my previous response, I simply meant I was asking so I can calculate shipping cost- it’s not feasible for me due to the shipping (there was a chance you’d be in EU), but good luck and thanks for the quick response.


dropped price to 100 USD


100 shipped?


100 + shipping. massively less than what hori is selling it for.


PM’ed you.


changed to 110 shipped


pm sent.


100 shipped, still like new, can provide more pictures or pictures of it connected and working in perfect condition if necessary.


Check Your PM’s. $ Sent. Taken!