WTS: Hori VX Sanwa Modded + extras! $65 + shipping

This Hori VX was modded by me to take a Sanwa JLF and an 8 button Vewlix layout of Sanwa 30mm buttons. The last two holes take screw-in buttons because snap-ins don’t fit tightly enough.
The paint job on top isn’t perfect, there’s a hardly visible depression in one spot from some uneven sanding, but it looks very good and protects the top panel well.
The stick is in overall great condition. I used it for a short time but I’ve been playing on the Hori FC4 and would rather have the $$ and extra space.

Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/GJy5g#0

The stick comes as you see it in the pictures and I’ll be including a black ball-top (if I can find it) and some more parts:

4x used OSBF-30 dark hai buttons
The JLF mounting plate.
Some leftover Hori buttons.
The Hori VX’s short joystick shaft.
and some other stuff I can find.

I didn’t use this stick a lot.

$65 + shipping is a firm price. PayPal verified and confirmed payments only. If you want to pick it up in the Cleveland, OH area, you can have it for $65 cash.