WTS: Hori Xbox 360 EX Stick + Pink 3DS/ Random Vita/ PS3 Games


Decided I need to get rid a few stuff that I barley Use. Only accepting Paypal Payments and Shipping only in the U.S.A If you guys have any questions feel free to PM me. Thanks!

Hori Xbox 360 EX Stick Barley Used for $60 Shipped.

Nintendo 3DS Pink with Nintendogs - Like New - $100 Shipped

Uncharted Golden Abyss Vita Game - $20 Shipped

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Vita Game - $20 Shipped

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Collectors Edition - $30 Shipped

King of Fighters XIII PS3 - $20 Shipped

Also Selling Persona 4 for PS3, $50 Shipped like new…Don’t have pics sorry.


bump I could let the stick go at $70 Shipped


bump Lowered Prices down on all the stuff


Uncharted is Sold, Stick is still available.


Also added Persona 4 for PS3 asking for $50 Shipped.


Lowered Persona down to $45 Shipped.






payment sent for 3ds


Has anyone heard from guiltygear? I sent payment and a few pm’s and he hasn’t replied even though he’s been on


Unfortunately not. I Pm’ed him in regards to the Hori and still nothing.


pmed everyone and sent tracking #s for items Uncharted sold and Pink ds sold.


Appreciate the reply, sent another PM.


that 3DS went for $100? ahh s@#$@! wish I seen that sooner.


Does that Hori stick come with Sanwa parts or Hori parts?


Yes Hori has Sanwa Parts forgot to mention that. Also I willing to let go PS3 Persona 4 Arena for $40 Shipped with OST. Like new


Oh so you changed out the buttons for obsfs and the joystick to a jlf? Sorry I started playing fighting games when the Madcatz TEs started becoming popular so I know nothing about this stick. Forgive my ignorance here, but it originally came with Hori parts right? Are there any cosmetic damages? Thanks.




Also PM’d. Looking to get the Hori.