WTS: Hori Xbox 360 PCB (for Padhack), Sanwa 30mm Pushbuttons

Located in CA, USA
Prices are shipped in the USA only, unless noted
I can ship International using flat rate box (+$45) only, no exceptions, sorry

Hori Wired Controller Xbox 360 PCB (for Padhack)
Working with USB cord, removed it from a MAS Stick
$15 shipped

Sanwa 30mm Pushbuttons
Lightly used, still good shape
x8 in black, 1 button is missing one of the tabs on the side (clumsy friend broke it off removing it), but it stays in just fine
$2 each pushbutton
$3 flat shipping if you buy up to four, $5 flat shipping if you buy more than four
or take them all for $20 shipped
They look this this, some people say this is “Dark Hai”, some people say it’s “Black”. HEAVEN OR HELL


Send PMs please
No trades

Bumping, dropped prices and added pushbuttons.

What about the MAS stick?

MAS Stick was modded with a PS360+ and gifted to a close friend, not for sale. Sorry!

Glad to hear it’s still being used. B)

If you or your buddy ever wanna get rid of it, please let me know.

Will do, my friend. I picked it up as NOS from Arcade Shock, I think it was the last one they had in their old warehouse.

Bump, sold some items, added more items.