WTS: HP laptop (250$)


Intel dual core 2.2gz
256mb ATI Radeon Mobility x1600
2gb ram
~100 gb hdd

It has been formatted and has windows 7 fresh install on it.

There is a battery problem so it must be plugged in or a replacement battery must be purchased.

It was sold to another member on here but he decided he didn’t want it after also having a macbook… so since i’m not an asshole i took it back.

250$ is including shipping. I accept paypal and money order.

Colin’s a good man. I however don’t need two laptops. Buy from him

Model number?


specific specs? possibly on newegg or something

First post updated. I was going off my memory which was wrong. Got info from old thread.

I don’t have it in front of me yet so i can’t give a model #.

Can give pics once it gets back here in about an hour.

trade for a custom stick?

I’m not really in need of a custom stick atm, i’m happy with my TE.

screen size/max resolution?

i believe 17" screen, i dont have a way to measure

max res i will get for ya tomorrow

If you could just post the model number, anyone who’s interested could go right to the HP website and get the full specs.

i’ll post it later tonight when i get back.

i might buy this off you once i get a way to take a look at the specs from the home site

would be nice to see pics too

Compaq nc8430




Small scratches that are really unnoticable unless you use a flash on it. From being in backpack etc. No scratches on screen.