heres what ive done with the stick.
switched the red turbo buttons from my HRAP2 into it.
changed the balltop. i dont know if its grey or black.
replaced stock buttons with sanwa dark hais.
put into two button plugs.
start and select are also sanwas.
the joystick makes a different noise if you hit up hard, but it still works perfect.

$135+ shipping.
us only, no hawaii or alaska.

paypal only :3


How much for just the case, everything else gutted out…


price reduction


price drop




damn, see your having trouble selling your stick too. GL


I think it’s the buttons lay out. It’s a preferred taste I think. I personally love the layout, but I guess I am in the minority…


You might want to switch the button layout back to standard. You might sell it easier.


That layout is standard for the original HRAP. Also the Tekken 5 stick has that layout.


I think hes referring to the original 8 buttons as opposed to the 6 button layout.
Yeah, the HRAP1 layout is a pretty acquired taste. like sushi, tequila, azn women, pot and 240sx’s, but I love them all!