Wts: Hrap 2 sa

$180 shipped to usa. barely used. go.

Go Where?

go get my barely used hrap 2 sa. I will even throw in extra same color blue (6) sanwa buttons!

will trade for sanwa flash.

Would you be willing to trade off the blue turbos?

i’ma go ahead and back out of this one, this man needs to be doing busniess here

After shipping on play-asia and other sites they were almost 225.

Also, shitting on peoples threads/prices is against rules. So stfu.

woohoo shit on my thread, more views :slight_smile: sorry mcginnis, i think im just gonna sell this bad boy off. $200 obo. trade for an ascii joystick + cash also. also zal, go build your own stick with all sanwa parts and post it in the custom stick thread. id be interested to see how it comes out.

Got any pics? If no one wants it in like a week and a half ill get it maybe.

Remember guys its stock AND comes with 6 blue sanwa buttons!


it has very light scuffs already after probably 10 hours of use. but in this pic it also shows fingerprints that can obv be removed.

looks like the reg version of hrap 2 no pun intended

the main difference is stock sanwa buttons and the dark hai buttons, and slightly darker background.

i’m not shitting on this thread, fuck, i’m not even shitting on the stick

it just fucking sucks that if i want a pre-built stick i have to shell out at least 150 bucks.

sure the parts are all sanwa, and i’m sure its an indredible piece, but i’m a broke ass college student.

believe me if i had the money i’d buy it, but i don’t see why they don’t send more sticks to america, it sucks a fucking dick here to get a quality factory stick. It also sucks that when i do have money, play asia never fucking has anything in stock.

i mean wtf, i see used hrap’s selling for like 200 bucks on ebay, thats out of fucking hand. especially when they were sold at retail for like 100-130.

ha ha at the fucking neg rep i got, i’m gonna go ahead and assume its from you

oh and sorry to the OP, i’m just getting frustrated at never being able to afford shit

Frustration is understandable, but its not his fault. The going rate for an imported stick is higher here, thats the way it is. You do have options however…

-You could build your own as you stated.
-You could have someone build you one for a comparable price and then have complete control over how it looks and “get more for your money.”
-You could buy a cheaper hori, namco, modded stick.

My suggestion is to calm down, save up a little and then buy what makes you happy. Sell some girl scout cookies or get a paper route or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or do what i do and become a server so you can geto 100$ a day and 300$ on weekends and still be a college student and have time for a life :rock:

thread derailment for the lose.

point taken, message edited, let us let this thread get back to its original intent:

price lowered. 180 shipped.