WTS HRAP 2 *used*

Selling my Hrap 2 its pretty much in perfect condition minus a few scratches buttons recently replaced and button caps for the 2 right buttons

im looking for 150 shipped


I was looking at that stick wondering what the fuck was wrong with it. Took me a good 2-3 minutes before realizing the picture was inversed.
Too bad, it would’ve made a perfect stick for S.kill :rofl:.

lol yea if it was I would of went straight to him heh

you know there is an option to make the photos you take right?

new picture before this thread becomes an “OMG THE STICK IS REVERSED” 09 fest

Is this a regular HRAP2 or is it an SA? Judging by the bolts it seems like a regular, but I can’t by the color of the switches.

bottom left doesnt say SA, so it is regular.

Idk if youd be interested in a trade offer…I have an HRAP3 modded with sanwa buttons that Id like to trade for an HRAP2…