WTS HRAP 3 (Dual Modded)PS3/XBOX 360 $120 OBO and T5 stick with inpin $50


Selling my dual modded HRAP3 with white OBSF30s for $120 o.b.o (dual modded by tingboy) Quality work guys.

For ps3 just plug in for xbox just hold R2 button as you plug in the stick to switch to xbl mode.

Also have xbox 360 SF4 along with strat guide (minor damage) for $25 o.b.o


T5 stick with inpin converter $50 (pending)

plastic base got minor scratches but it has sanwa obsf30s dark hais and ps14D blk/red for start select with OBSM30 for button plugs.

These prices are for pick up only. Call if interested (626) 643 9876 (pick available for OC area)


Actually if you pick up, I’ll sell it for $185. if local pick up.


if you have any interest at all just throw offers at me. I’ll negotiate but please nothing unreasonable like under $160


u should show pics of the inside


Update picture added


Update picture added


Bump price drop.


guys if you have interest at all, make some offers i’ll look into it


another price drop final bump


Sent PM… what the hey.


guys I’ll be reasonable as long as you guys give me a reasonable cash offer. If you’re looking for a dual modded stick my HRAP3 is in perfect condition playable on PS3/Xbox360 and the T5 stick also (comes with inpin converter for PS3 play) and got Sanwa oBSF30 with madcatz fight stick joystick on. I’ll ship as long as you pay the shipping. Just shoot an offer here or pm me I wanna get rid of the two sticks .


T5 stick sold


If anyone is interested in HRAP3 pleasee just shoot an offer as long as it’s cash offer i’ll consider it.


Super price drop bump.




If the buyer for the T5 stick falls through I’ll take it


Good price for a dual mod. Bump for you man.


thanks for the bump.