WTS: HRAP 3 SA + Modded Agetech Dual Mod (PSX/360 w/ converter) Sanwa/LS-32

Selling a mint condition HRAP3 SA for the ps3. All stock and I have the original box. No problems. Used for about a week or two maybe? Looking for $105 shipped.

I’m also selling a modded agetech dual mod for the xbox 360/psx. The psx is a pcb and can be used with a ps3 converter. It comes with a ps3 converter but it’s not reliable, though it will work perfectly with any. The only problem is the bottom panel is currently detached but is included. Everything works fine and there is a guide button on the front as well.

Please PM me if you’re interested!

bump, price on HRAP3:SA lowered

Good luck with your sale. Nice job on the agetec.

PM’d. And yes…I’m an Agetec lover lol.

The agetech is $105 too?

Consider Agetec…sold!

tried to PM about the HRAP 3, your inbox is full though :frowning:

Inbox cleared! Sorry about that.