Great condition, mix of black and dark hai sanwas, black meshball. Just replaced the JLF pcb and button switches a little over a month ago and haven’t used the stick since. Only noticeable wear and tear is the rubber feet which have worn down slightly, otherwise the case is excellent and the parts are near new. Really love the feel of this stick but I bought an Eightarc last month so the HRAP has just been collecting dust since. $140 shipped for the stick anywhere in the contiguous US. Would also do trade + $30 cash for a 23" Asus VH236H monitor in new condition.


Price lowered, 145 shipped for this amazing stick!


Great looking stick! Where did you get the Sanwa dustwasher? Is that a Sanwa JLW?


Thanks! Its a regular JLF but I threw a JLW dustwasher on it, I like the look a lot better! With a shaft cover it really isn’t loose at all either.


Price lowered again, this thing is just collecting dust so I’d rather it had a home where it’d get some use!
140 shipped


This still for sale?


Hello, yes the stick is still for sale. As it shows, 140 shipped. PM me if you’re still interested :slight_smile: