WTS: HRAP EX 360 with Sanwa Parts, TvC SE with Sanwa Buttons, and 4GB Xbox 360

All right dudes, I’m moving across the country for a new job and it’s time to lighten my load. I have two sticks and a system here.


This is my HRAP EX I purchased brand new from Amazon in March of 2011. The joystick is the stock JLF with a blue bat top and the buttons are all Sanwa. I was a big Abel player then so did the artwork in that vain, and it has plexi from Art Hong.

I’m asking $90 plus shipping.


This is my TvC SE I bought in November 2010 and barely played since I couldn’t get into the game. I swapped out the 8 face buttons with red/black Sanwas, but I have the original blue and white stock buttons still.

I’d like $35 plus shipping for this dude.

Finally, I have a 4GB black Xbox 360 Slim that was purchased in November 2011. I’ve since upgraded and have this one in my closet. It has the original box and all.

I’d like to get $90 plus shipping for this one.



PM sent