Wts: Hrap ex-se **sold!**

Bought this a little while back, but it never really got any use by me. I already have too many sticks, so I’m trying to sell this to clear up some room and get a little cash. I think this is one of the most beautiful mass market sticks out there, the white case and the glossy black top really go well together. The buttons are PS-14-D and the joystick is an LS-32.

The price is 125$ shipped. It will be packed in its original box, and that box will be packed in a bigger cardboard box for shipping, so you can be sure it’ll get to you in the same pristine condition it’s leaving me in. I will ship it for free to the lower 48 through Fedex Ground shipping (which is 2-3 days depending on which coast you’re on).



If my friend comes through and buy my EX, I should be able to grab this. But I can’t tell you when though. other than that…

good luck!

sent you a PM man.