WTS: HRAP EX-SE, (Very) Old Byrdo Case, SE Case, LS-32-01, Blue Sanwa Buttons & Balltop


Ok, trying to do some cleaning up here. I’m hoarding these things that I don’t need because I just hate throwing away things that other people might find useful. But I’m running out of space now and I want to get rid of these things so here goes!

Hori EX-SE - All Seimitsu parts. Very good condition. SOLD to Mosque!



Old Brydo Case. Got this from Brydo quite a few years back when he first started making sticks. It is still solid, but it’s seen it’s better days. Chipped at the corners, but structurally strong. It’ll come with a ps1 pcb, but no stick or buttons. Maybe a project for someone. $35 shipped



Mad Catz SE Case - SE case (horribly) painted black. I’m sure this could be made to look sweet, but I don’t care much to be bothered to make it so. SOLD to Kallapz


LS-32-01 - Here’s a stick I bought a while back from someone on here that was damaged in shipping. It was repaired and now works 100% fine and actually hasn’t been used much at all. I personally no longer have a use for it though. SOLD to Bernie



Set of Blue Sanwa Buttons and Balltop - 6 30mm buttons, 2 24mm buttons and balltop. Nothing wrong with these at all. Used for a few months at most. I’ve just deciding that Sanwa buttons are just too sensitive for me. SOLD to Fife!


Thanks in advance.

WTB: Cheap empty case

Does the SE case come with mounting plate (and screws) and the PCB? If so, what console is the PCB for (out of curiosity)?

I want to buy that in a heartbeat if it has these things included.


i dont see it coming with a pcb for 20 bucks…


I won’t know until I ask though. Laugh. Most SE cases sell for 20$ or more without anything else, but this might be luck, you know? :v


What he said. Just the case. The turbo panel pcb does not work. It’s literally just the case. Hope that helps.


Im interested on the LS-32. I have to check with my current funds.


PM me your paypal info please.


Buttons and Balltop set SOLD.


Just posting to say that I know Realyst personally and that he is a responsible, trustworthy, and all around cool guy. Buy up those deals!


Payment sent!




I didn’t even see this before. Thanks Al!

LS-32-01 SOLD!


All items that were paid for before today have been shipped.



All items shipped and in a weird coincidence, everyone should receive everything on Saturday.

Also, price drop on Byrdo. Don’t wanna throw it away but I really need room.


I’ll offer $20 shipped for the Byrdo.

Ship it as slow and cheap as you wish as it would sit on the backburner for a bit before I could get to it and try to make it into something nicer =]


Sorry bro. That’s way too low. It’s a case and it comes with a pcb. I might just keep it after all. Thats my only ps2 stick. I should keep one around think.


/shrug you were talking about trashing it in the prior post. The PCB and guts are irrelevant to me I would have been turning it into a PS3 stick.


Just got the case thanks. Will be fun to mod.


I left the original USB cable in there so it would look cleaner. Def show me a pic after you hook it up.