WTS: HRAP EX-SE, (Very) Old Byrdo Case, SE Case, LS-32-01, Blue Sanwa Buttons & Balltop

Ok, trying to do some cleaning up here. I’m hoarding these things that I don’t need because I just hate throwing away things that other people might find useful. But I’m running out of space now and I want to get rid of these things so here goes!

Hori EX-SE - All Seimitsu parts. Very good condition. SOLD to Mosque!



Old Brydo Case. Got this from Brydo quite a few years back when he first started making sticks. It is still solid, but it’s seen it’s better days. Chipped at the corners, but structurally strong. It’ll come with a ps1 pcb, but no stick or buttons. Maybe a project for someone. $35 shipped



Mad Catz SE Case - SE case (horribly) painted black. I’m sure this could be made to look sweet, but I don’t care much to be bothered to make it so. SOLD to Kallapz


LS-32-01 - Here’s a stick I bought a while back from someone on here that was damaged in shipping. It was repaired and now works 100% fine and actually hasn’t been used much at all. I personally no longer have a use for it though. SOLD to Bernie



Set of Blue Sanwa Buttons and Balltop - 6 30mm buttons, 2 24mm buttons and balltop. Nothing wrong with these at all. Used for a few months at most. I’ve just deciding that Sanwa buttons are just too sensitive for me. SOLD to Fife!


Thanks in advance.

Does the SE case come with mounting plate (and screws) and the PCB? If so, what console is the PCB for (out of curiosity)?

I want to buy that in a heartbeat if it has these things included.

i dont see it coming with a pcb for 20 bucks…

I won’t know until I ask though. Laugh. Most SE cases sell for 20$ or more without anything else, but this might be luck, you know? :v

What he said. Just the case. The turbo panel pcb does not work. It’s literally just the case. Hope that helps.

Im interested on the LS-32. I have to check with my current funds.

PM me your paypal info please.

Buttons and Balltop set SOLD.

Just posting to say that I know Realyst personally and that he is a responsible, trustworthy, and all around cool guy. Buy up those deals!

Payment sent!


I didn’t even see this before. Thanks Al!

LS-32-01 SOLD!

All items that were paid for before today have been shipped.


All items shipped and in a weird coincidence, everyone should receive everything on Saturday.

Also, price drop on Byrdo. Don’t wanna throw it away but I really need room.

I’ll offer $20 shipped for the Byrdo.

Ship it as slow and cheap as you wish as it would sit on the backburner for a bit before I could get to it and try to make it into something nicer =]

Sorry bro. That’s way too low. It’s a case and it comes with a pcb. I might just keep it after all. Thats my only ps2 stick. I should keep one around think.

/shrug you were talking about trashing it in the prior post. The PCB and guts are irrelevant to me I would have been turning it into a PS3 stick.

Just got the case thanks. Will be fun to mod.

I left the original USB cable in there so it would look cleaner. Def show me a pic after you hook it up.