WTS: HRAP EX stock - $100 / modded - $120



Selling a lightly used HRAP EX (less than 10~ matches) since I use my TE almost exclusively. Black piano finish is unscratched. Tested working on 360 and PC, no problems.

1. With stock buttons - $100 shipped
Same as right out of the box.

2. With all buttons swapped with the Sanwas from the SF4 TE stick - $120 shipped
All buttons will be replaced with sanwas taken straight from the SF4 TE stick. These buttons are almost new and working perfectly; they were taken out of the TE first day I got it when I modded it with Seimitsus.

  • 8x 30mm sanwa (6 white 2 black)
  • 2x 24mm sanwa (2 white)
  • Solid black or Clear Seimitsu balltop

Original box not included

**Will only pay shipping within continental US/Canada

$10 off for local pickup, located in Phoenix, Arizona**


great price. should sell quickly.


pm sent

i will take it