WTS-HRAP EX With Red sanwa buttons


Hi guys my friend has a HRAP EX he wants to get rid of for 70$ since he doesnt know how to fix it,the Cosmetic condition is good but the Down Direction isnt working

Ill upload pictures later



Pics plz.


ill upload pics first thing in the morning sorry


Pictures Uploaded!








$70 shipped?


yes sir


Also i have a UMVC3 Arcade stick that i want to get rid of also if anyones interested


BUMP no one wants it?


Added Sanwa buttons if anyones interested ill ship this thing first thing in the morning if anyone buys it


How many buttons and how much pm me please


other user that messaged me bailed so the stick is still available


why did everyone flag him? is there something i should know if i try to sell to him?


He posted the same exact thing on at least other 8 trading threads. Can’t tell if he’s trying to actually buy things or just increasing his post count.


ahh i see thank you