WTS: HRAp mirror top with full sanwa (LOCAL ONLY)

hi been lurking for quite some time, decided i got some unused stuff for sale, as for now:

HRAP Mirror Top full joystick with 8 red sanwa button and ball top. these are currently on the stick. 100$ flat for the joystick with modified buttons, very very good condition and very clean. i have not used this joystick all that much owned for 1 year. bought brand new

i also have full 8 seimitsu RG buttons (rare high quality seimitsu buttons in two piece black edges, red push in)will throw in a free clear neon green ball top if purchase this button set. 25$ shipped. these buttons are close to 6 dollars a pop, used once only.

and now the details. i will only do LOCAL since i do not like going through the hassle of shipping such a expensive accessory with the price of shipping + weight etc. the area is:

NORCAL, San Francisco. if anyone is interested post here or send me a PM nd ill give u contct info etc. thx for any interest if any at all.

interested, chk pm.

i replied to your pm, we work from their. thanks for interest

sold to HAUNTS thx buddy, quick and easy

excellent deal, thanks a lot man. hope you end up putting more stuff up for sale. :wink:

6x seimitsu RG 30mm snap on buttons (very good heavy push in feel on these babies, best for shmups. good for fighting games even though i know you peeps like sanwa buttons for fighting games) + neon green clear bubble ball top still left for 25$