WTS: Hrap stick all sanwa, planet earth bluray, iphone 8gb, little big planet



Just letting anyone looking at this know, I bought the HRAP. He’s a good seller so don’t hesitate to buy from him :tup:

lol why did you res a 3 week old thread to say that when we have iTrader now? He might even get an infraction because of you.

don’t see the problem of a content buyer bumping the thread just once because there’s still other stuff he’s selling.

The problem is this thread is over 3 weeks old and the seller’s obviously forgotten about it or wanted to let it sink and die. Now he’s at risk of an infraction for the thread not being updated because someone who already left him a positive eval, which is what the new feedback system is in place for, decided to randomly bump his shit back to the front page.

Umm, sorry?

Seriously, though, I just thought that I might want to say that I got one of the items listed which was being sold, and that way anyone else who might have seen it won’t send Al a bunch of PMs about it. Just trying to help the guy out.

My bad.

I’m just sayin… I don’t wanna see AL get fucked over by it, but maybe it’s not even an enforced rule and not a big deal. Nevermind guys, I’m just tired bitchy and going to bed.

I hear ya man.

AL if I caused you any grief my bad!!!