WTS: HRAP V3 SA w/HFC4 Padmod for PS4 play + new plexi

-Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA
-Hori Fighting Commander 4 padmod for PS4 compatibility (Firmware update and lag test observed, this is the best option. No firmware update required and the lowest latency for PS4 pads known to date)
-New plexi from Tek
-If you prefer SANWA over Hayabusa/Kai hardware, this is best. Plus, the HRAP V3 SA art/color scheme is imo the best of all HRAPs
-Not looking to gain anything. The cost breakdown was $80 for the HRAP, $30 for the HFC4, $15 for the plexi, and at least $5 for all of the tax+ship that came with it.