Wts- HRAP , VSHG, Fighting Edge, Ascii Optical, Sega Saturn PlayStation Controller


price drops


stock updated

HRAP 3 Amazon JP sold via ebay

Ascii Stick Zero 3 sold via ebay

my ebay profile http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/an3har


Hey dude, have you still got the full TE plexi by any chance?




sory that was sold to an ebayer through private sale


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good on you.


added new stick


price drops


HRAP EX & HRAP EX:SE sold via eBay


Stock update, sold some sticks via eBay


Anzhar, I love you right now! I wish I could buy you a few pints of beer cause I’m in the mood to celebrate!
Look at what just arrived! Two beautiful, minty, sexy, rare and hard to find SEGA Virtua Stick High Grade arcade sticks!!!
Long story short: I’ve owned three of these in the past and sold them. Years of regret has built up to this moment of redemtion!
I’m not letting these go this time. LOL! Doing business with Anzhar was super smooth and promt. Everything from communication
to shipping was done in a timely fashion. Don’t hesitate to buy from him! Cheers!


Thanks for the kind words brother

Your setup is very nice, I am happy that the sticks went somewhere where they are held in high regard


stock update


price drops


hrap ex:se sold via eBay, clich here for my eBay


HRAP 3 SA boxed/complete is sold to @mxh6229

unboxed HRAP 3 SA and many other sticks still available


VSHG sold via eBay, click here for my eBay


error,feedback was meant for hashrate


wtb any official ps4 pcb with quick disconnects


I got really excited when I saw hrap se in the title…Thought it was the unicorn. Free bump for a fellow collector. Glws.