Wts- HRAP , VSHG, Fighting Edge, Ascii Optical, Sega Saturn PlayStation Controller


PS1 Ascii JUSTICE Optical Stick sold via eBay


@Aznhar , +1

Great Transaction all the way from UK to USA


unboxed HRAP 3 SA sold via eBay


added Namco’s


HRAP EX:SA sold via eBay


price drops


anzhar is good to go guys. I purchased a whole lot of sticks from him and I am in the US. anzhar, how many VSHGs do you have? lol.


ShinJN, your cut off bro! Didn’t you buy like 10 VSHG’s from Anzhar already? LOL!


I had like 12, the plan was to have 2 vshg’s for every system I own but finances ran dry, work hours cut short, unexpected bills, car clutch went, flywheel went, fuckin fridge broke, cooker broke, everything in a bad 2 months period, still trying to recover!

All good though, still alive and kicking, first world problems


added Steel Battalion controller


Steel Battalion controller sold via eBay, added Ascii Stick 3 Ultimate (optical stick) & Konami Hyperstick


LOL. He told you? I bought a handful + 1.


i think he saw the pictures of all the VHSG’s stick n my flickr called ‘shinjn’


Konami Hyperstick sold via eBay


Ascii optical Dreamcast stick & Ascii CVS2 stick added


added Sega Saturn PS2 controller


Added AIAB & Konami Hyper Stick Pro


Both Namco sticks sold to 2 different buyers in the space of 2 hours via my eBay


added MCZ VS SH


added 2 VSHG’s