Wts- HRAP , VSHG, Fighting Edge, Ascii Optical, Sega Saturn PlayStation Controller


Pm sent. Thank you.




VSHG sold via eBay

1 remaining


VSHG’s are SOLD OUT via eBay


Both PDP MK sticks finally sold, it took 15 months, but the right buyer came along. Sold via eBay


added VLX PCB’s


added Hori Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Dreamy Theater 2nd controller/stick


Hori Shi’ is that big! Putting that on my ‘want list’ for that factor alone.


AiAB sold via eBay


That VS is beautiful. Can’t believe it’s getting slept on!


If I didn’t already have 2 VS sticks I probably would have gotten it already


Konami Hyper Stick Pro & SLS Sega Saturn PS controller sold via eBay

Madcatz VS on hold for 1 week only

added NiteWalker Widebody case & an Asia exclusive White TE stick


Mad Catz Soul Edition finally sold via eBay

Probably due to Tekken 7 and the demand for noir layout…

Team Mad Catz VS available again


NiteWalker widebody TigerMaple SOLD


I just received the NiteWalker widebody case from anzhar. This has been a pleasant transaction. Quick communication and even quicker shipping. Packaging was fantastic. Thanks! Worth it!


Mad Catz Versus Series SH SOLD


Japanese Exclusive White TE sold via eBay


Added Dreamcast Ascii FT CVS2 optical stick for sale


added VSHG PS3, Konami Hyperstick PS1, SLS Virtua Stick PS2, and pair of CVS2 sticks for PS2


added unboxed VSHG bundle