Wts- HRAP , VSHG, Fighting Edge, Ascii Optical, Sega Saturn PlayStation Controller




Got pic’s of the bottom metal panels of the unboxed VSHG bundle?


will post up asap, items are at my parents, gimme a couple days


Claim both vshg.




VSHG bundle SOLD


Added a Hitbox for sale

SOLD on eBay


added sticks

Team MadCatz Versus SH

Custom cherrywood case


Added HRAP EX:SE for sale/trade


Added stick & price drops


added HRAP’s, VSHG, and Silent VS stick


added ps1 sticks


green hrap ps1 SOLD


That fighting edge looks awesome. I’ve never seen the dark blue version before. Was that ever released in the u.s. ? Are those kuro buttons? Never seen them in that color before. Great looking stick.


There is a few articles on google searches, it was a hori store japan exclusive, 1000 pieces, hayabusa lever, kuro buttons


madcatz VS silent SOLD


damn i would pick that fighting edge if you were in the US. Dont see those around at all. Good luck with sale man!


I use fast shipping and pack well, it would safely come across the pond


I dont doubt you at all. I see a lot of satisfied customers here. i just figured it would cost less if you were in the states since you wouldnt have to spend so much on shipping. Its still a awesome price for what it is! Someone pick this stick up! its very rare.


added most of whats left in my brothers garage, his Mrs wants my shit gone…