Wts- HRAP , VSHG, Fighting Edge, Ascii Optical, Sega Saturn PlayStation Controller


og Orange HRAP sold


Anzhar have you got a ps2 or dreamcast Mas ?(doesn’t have to be ps4 mate)


No mas sticks

Not a fan


Hi anzher. Do you have pictures of the bottom of the VSHG?


i will post up some in next couple days, sorry about late reply


HRAP Orange Amazan Japan SOLD via eBay


HRAP 3 SE SOLD via eBay

added Sega Saturn PS2 pads & optical sticks


the below sega Saturn ps2 pad sold via eBay


the 3 pictured in OP remaining


The below Sega Saturn ps2 pad sold via eBay


Just the two in the op remaining


MCZ VS SH sold via eBay


reen button HRAP added


Hello dude, I want your Mad Catz Japan/Asia TE, boxed.
Shipping to Spain, DM me.



Hey! the White T.E. just arrived and it’s fantastic. As described and exactly as the pictures. Great!



excellent, glad to hear it

first time i shipped to spain, and it took longer than expected

i see your a new member, if you have any friends who need sticks, please pass on my link

thanks again


added 2 Fighting Edge’s and HRAP 2


added HRAP SE, check first post for more pics and details.


unicorn SOLD


Fast shipping, and stick arrived perfect from UK to US.