Wts: Hrap1

OK, this has been sitting under my bed way to long.

Cost: $85 SOLD
About the stick:

  • Select/Start (white) brand new Sanwa
  • yellow buttons are used Sanwa.
    They are by no means new but they work
    Anything is better than the stock hori buttons:)
  • white balltop is like new but has some dings from me putting this under my bed.

There a few minor scratches on the shell and underneath. Otherwise it works great.

Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate
Sanwa Joystick Adapter
Sanwa LB-30-N Joystick Bat Top

Lower 48 states only.


bump price reduced

$85 shipped for an all sanwa HRAP… and no one’s buying it???

Am I missing something here???

Or is the economy to blame?

^^ I think everyone bought hrap1s/3s from Stridajin already that’s why. lol.

just pmed him for the stick :slight_smile:

Stick on hold for Al

Man, I was just about PM for it.

Sold to Al the Great.

Mods close thread please

hey feel sorry for me. this is my first sanwa stick…ever.

What a steal too!

I have the same stick. Its great.

Dude even still… this stick is ALL sanwa including the buttons. Worth more than $85 shipped, even with the minor blemishes.

man i cant wait for this stick to come. soooo excited.

yeah i agree Rockcho but it seems the market is saturated with hraps now. You couldnt get one 6 months ago without import or overpriced hrap2 for $200 on ebay.

And guess what amazon is going to have the hrap3 for $99 soon.

i kinda agree with madgrab. i sold a new sealed hrap2 pro like less than 6 months ago for 150+shipping and like madgrab said you can get em now in the 99-125 shipped range. those guys are sure pumping hraps out like mad.