(WTS): HRAP1SE, SBO DVD, MVC3 DLC Code,AH3 & Limited Stuff, Misc Stick Parts & Games


The following items are for sale. Pics available upon request. Bay Area buyers may arrange for local pickup, otherwise I’ll take PayPal. Overseas shipping is possible depending on location.

Feel free to negotiate. Will consider trades for good condition arcade parts.

HRAP 1 Special Edition (Good Condition with Box)

  • see specs on Hori’s website
  • Stock Parts: PS-14-D, PS-14-GX 2x each (blue/black), LS-32-01, LB-35
  • Replaced Parts: PS-14G x6 (blue/black)
  • Missing one rubber feet on the bottom plate
    $250 shipped

Joystick Accessories:

  • Hori HRAP-EX stock 30mm buttons x8 (Brand New) $8


SBO Tougeki 2010 DVD (Brand New) $35 each
Vol.1 SF4 (2 Disc Set)
Vol.2 BBCS (2 Disc Set)

EVO 2008 Disc 2 (Brand New) $10

Games - free shipping for all game purchases

MVC3 Jill & Shuma DLC Code $7.50
Arcana Heart 3 Limited Edition Pins $3 each (most chars available)
Sengoku Basara 3 (Japanese Version, Near Mint) $55
FIFA Soccer 10 (Near Mint) $20

Okami (Good Condition) $15

Biohazard + Mem card (Brand New, Japanese version) $40

KOF 96 + RAM cart (Japanese version) $25

Marvel Digital Comics 1-month Subscription $8
Deadpool Secret Invasion Comic Vol.1 $7


If you decide you would part out just the art book let me know. Otherwise free bump.


make me an offer for the artbook. I guess someone might just want to buy the stick for even cheaper than whats listed


are the seimitsu parts brand new or used? original art on SE stick as well?


How much to ship to UK for the modded SE?


You don’t have the system of the stick/game listed.

Depending on how much you want for the stick and if it’s PS3, I’d consider it. But tbh with the work I’m going to have to put into the stick + some of the flaws I’ve been hearing I won’t be looking to pay a lot. Just putting it out there.


It’s for PS3 and my first post is edited accordingly.


How about 10 for the artbook?


still got the fight stick? im interested but i cant pm yet. please email me archillion@gmail.com


interested in the artbook. email me at mikehuynh09@gmail.com


20 dollars shipped for the artbook?


Lol… well i’m not getting into a bid war for the artbook. 10 is all I can offer.


SE is sold :slight_smile:


Comic Con TE back on sale due to potential buyer backed out :sad:


how about just the inpin?


I can let the inpin go for $30 shipped


got it today


Tekken 6

Im stupid sorry meant to PM


pm sent


Is there any way I can get JUST the t6 shaft cover? I want it to complete my FS3 mod. D;