WTS: Hrap2 MushiMushi SA [sold]


This Arcade stick is unique because its a compilation of the Hrap1, Hrap2 and the MushiMushi Hrap.

It combines what I loved about each of those hrap sticks. The end result is the Hrap2 Mushimushi SA.

The condition of the stick is mostly perfect. The worst thing about it is the scatches on the case around the lower left of the panel, and some of the plastic was cut off under neath the turbo panel to “allow pcbs with already installed usb cables to fit”. Quoting my friend there, as he was the original owner of the case. Its extremely hard, if not impossible to notice with the turbo panel mounted when looking inside the case.

Besides that, the stick is in amazing shape, the top panel sticker is in amazing shape. Very little amount of scratches. Still very shiny and reflective.

The Green Hrap has been upgraded with Arthongs top loaders to allow access from the top panel.

The Hrap2 box is present, its not in pristine shape but its still very much box worthy (I’ll ship it inside another box).

This is the best Arcade stick ever made, very solid, good weight, no flimsy cable door to break off, this thing is a tank and its ready for war to be used for every game on every system. (About that) Since this is a Ps2 stick, it can be used on almost every system with adapters. It is by the far the most universal Arcade stick ever made.

-What parts/pieces are on this?

:hrap2 pcb/white turbo panel/ Metal panel (universal mount)

:Green turbo switches from the hrap 1

:Mushi Mushi case upgraded with arthong top loaders

:Cable from Hori Tekken 5 stick (original one has gone missing)

US only, I’d like to get $200.00 $180.00 dollars which would also cover the expensive shipping and paypal fees and for the time it took for me to gather all of these pieces together. Thanks alot for reading and if you have any questions, shoot me a pm!








This is the part that was cut off, this obviously isn’t the green case, its just to show you whats up in that spot without me having to take apart the entire stick. If you’re seriously interested I can get that shot for you.

Thanks for looking


Ahhhh skeet skeet skeet. This thing is sexy.


Hella fucken clean. Nice work!


Love your stick buddy!
Do you have a extra pcb available? Mine is dead =(


XorXe- YaGaMi, thanks for the kind words, sadly I don’t have an extra hrap2 pcb. Are you fixed on getting that exact one? A toodles Cthulu pcb or a tekken 5 pcb would work great and are easy to setup.

@Trugoy actually has a tekken 5 pcb for sale (comes with the metal panel!) in another thread.


wow this thing looks good. the bright green goes with the cobalt/whatever color of the case. bump for being a pretty stick.


I keep looking at this and it really is one sweet stick. I wish I could pick it up. I’d probably end up spending way more if I ever tried to piece together another HRAP with a similar combination of parts. Free bump


@KamiKKazi Thanks for the bump, I got lucky knowing someone who had the green case, the rest was a test of patience haha. (Those turbo switches!)

Lowered price.


What kind of shaft and dust washer are those? Is one dust washer on top of another?


Hey, Indeed there is two dustcovers, At first it was just for laughs but, I came to think it looked pretty sweet, if I order from art anytime soon I’ll add a standard size dust washer to the team, get some pyramid status.

The smaller one is the 31mm dust washer from arthong, the bigger one is from focusattack which also came with the shaft cover.


Lowered price bump


I keep looking at this thing. I don’t want it but fuck is it clean man! BUMP for awesome product!!!


What a beauty, too bad I don’t have 180 on me


If I could afford it I might buy it. I cant stop looking at it.




Sold to Afro Messiah! Thanks for all the compliments everyone.