WTS: HRAP2 parts, hacked 360 pad


Up for sale is a HRAP2 in parts, with the front plate, Sanwa stick, frame, screws and bolts, and back plate. The front part has a part where a 360 guide button can be fitted, which I’ve tested and it works fine. The guide button is also included. The plastic on the front plate is flawless. $50 + shipping.

Second item is a hacked 360 pad. Works fine with HRAPs. Just connect it accordingly and it’ll work. $25 + shipping.

All together, you have a dissembled 360 HRAP without the buttons. Sorry, no discounts.

Images here:




I’ll pm ya when I get home for purchase details


Does the pad have the triggers hacked? And what would shipping be to 06516


I’m interested in the hrap2 parts. How much to ship to PA 16801?




tried to pm you back Elixer but your inbox is full :o anyways, as soon as you give me a total for the hrap2 parts, i will make payment. thanks again =)



any chance i can get just the top panel?


Meus and Kasprfoto have claimed both pad and HRAP2 parts respectively. I’ll get shipping quotes within the coming 3~5 days.

If either of them drop out, I will keep the others who have PM’d me in mind, and let you know.

Thank you.


Sorry, didn’t know you were expecting pms :sad:


Even so, their PM was before your post.


payment sent. thanks


you dont happen to have the old turbo switches from the front do you? if so, what color and how much, because im highly interested


Sorry, nope.

Still waiting on kasprfoto’s response.


I have the orange turbo switches from am amazon edition Hrap1, P>M me if interested.


made payment, thanks Elixir


Awesome, both payments received. I’ll get them shipped within 2-4 days and PM you when I have. Thanks a lot.