WTS: HRAP2 x 2, HRAP1, Hori PS2 upscan convertor, FF7 PS2 Black Label, KOF 99 (PS2)

About to move from Texas so I’m letting a lot of my stuff go. I’ve never sold anything on SRK before but I do have a profile on Ebay.


I’m ok with doing the transaction through Ebay, just let me know if that’s the preferred method.

Items for Sale, Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keefla/
All prices include 6 day shipping through UPS (insurance, tracking # included)

  1. HRAP2 - 180$
    I have two of these sticks, both have the same mods to it (one in blue, the other in pink).

Stick - Original factory Sanwa
Ball Top - Semitsu lollipop see through ball top
Start/Select buttons - Semitsu see through buttons
Buttons - Sanwa Snap-ins, button plugs for unused buttons.

  1. HRAP1 - 120$ (SOLD)

Stick - Original factory Sanwa
Ball Top - Sanwa ball top
Buttons - Sanwa Snap-ins, button plugs for unused buttons.

  1. Hori PS2 upscan convertor - 70$ (SOLD)

Upscales the PS2 image to create lagless play on HDTV sets, excellent for playing fighting games on LCD monitors.

  1. FFVII PS2 Black label (mint condition) - 65$

  2. KOF99 PS2 Black label (mint condition) - 15$

Feel free to PM me with questions about items.

What does “black label” mean?

Edit: Nevermind. You should change “black label” to original non-greatest hits PS1 games.

Why? Black Label is the general term for it.

Really? Never heard the term before. Usually only collectors care about such a thing and would ask if it is a “greatest hits” version.

Can’t believe that you’re selling the 2 HRAP2s that I originally got for you, but good luck on your move Lay.

Whoa Lay, where’re you moving to?

I know a few people who were interested in picking up a HRAP2 so I’ll point them your way if they’re still in the market… otherwise I might try to buy one up haha.