WTS: HRAP3 [PS3] & KOF '01 Stick [PS2]


HORI Real Arcade Pro.3 for the PlayStation 3. Stock parts; Sanwa joystick and HORI buttons. I purchased this arcade stick from here not long ago. I’ve only played Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike with it once on PC, just to test out the buttons and everything works perfectly fine.

I’d say it’s like brand-new condition. I don’t have the box for it though. The thing is, I don’t own a PlayStation 3 console and this thing is taking up space along with some other arcade sticks I already own so I want to get rid of it. $90 shipped.


The King of Fighters 2000 / 2001 arcade stick for PlayStation 2. Apparently this stick is limited edition and only 5000 were ever made, lol. I won this stick brand-new from winning a King of Fighters '94 tournament at Anime Boston 2009. I went home and immediately tried to use the stick to play KOF XI ('cause I was in the KOF mood) and turns out the stick was very unresponsive. All the buttons and directions work definitely, it’s just that they’re very stiff and you have to press the buttons and joystick really hard in order to get the input out. I’ve never used the stick again ever since.

So if you’re planning on buying this stick, I suggest you just buy it for the PCB to create a new PS2 arcade stick because I personally think this stick is unplayable and plus you can’t mod it since the case is tiny and the buttons are like…I don’t even know what size it is but they’re too small, lol. I’ll start this off at $30 shipped. Just trying to clear out my closet.


HORI Fighting Stick EX2 for the Xbox 360. Sold.


Violet Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons x6. Sold.

Any other questions, just let me know.

Is FF origins the PS1 version? If so, is it complete?

I have no idea, lol. And I don’t know what you mean by “complete” (I’ve never played either of the games) but here’s a Wiki I’ve found for it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_I_and_II_(compilations)

Just read that and you’ll probably find your answer.

According to Wikipedia, it says, “Other than minor changes to take advantage of Sony’s superior hardware, such as a higher screen resolution which meant that the graphics in the PlayStation version were slightly more detailed, and the remixed soundtracks, the PlayStation versions were basically identical to the earlier WonderSwan versions.

Complete means that it comes with a disc, inserts, manual, and whatever else a new one would have come with.

Oh then yes, it’s complete. I already mentioned that it came with the original jewel case and booklet. That’s all there is to it.

Bump. New shit. Putting up more sticks later.

how much for the violet sanwa buttons? Pm me and let me know

take 10 for XBL?

PM sent to Lil Kong. I would take $10 for the Xbox Live card but I can’t seem to find it right now, lol. I’ll have to look around my house more. I’ll send you a PM once I find it.

Also, added HORI EX2.

I’ll take that ex2 if it’s available still.
I have some agetec dc pcb’s if you’re in a partial trade.

Let me know, cash on hand, and PM sent just in case you don’t check the forum.

Violet Sanwa buttons sold and HORI EX2 sold.

MVC2 TE and KOF '01 stick added.