WTS: Hrap3 ps4 korean fanta modded stick with black glossy plexiglass


Selling a PS4 HRAP 3 Arcade stick

Korean Fanta Myoungshin Lever(Bat top)

8 Sanwa 30 MM Buttons

Pre-installed Brooks IST PS4/PS3/PC Pcb Board

All parts are 6 months old and broken in and works 100%

Glossy black plexiglass with zero scratches. (Had plexi made a month ago)

Nice size stick(Slightly bigger than a TE2 Stick)

Nice heavy metal bottom plate with good weight to keep the stick from moving around.

Price with shipping in USA 48 States : $140 USD

All Black with pictures below. Having some trouble with money lately and needing to sell one of my sticks. PM me if interested.


Sorry but there are rules for posting items for sale. You don’t meet the requirements yet.


@“Tim Static”


lowered the price to $140 needing to sell soon for ps4 for tekken 7


If you’re not comfortable with sending me money, I can do half up front and half after you receive it to members who have a join date of 3+ years or longer.


It’s not that in order to sell you need at least 50 posts and be a member for at least 6 months.


Ahh damn, I’m part of the tekken community, not street fighter. Why I’m new on here =/

I’m going to put a korean helpme crown lever (white) to replace the current stick and change all the buttons to brand new white sanwa buttons to try and help sell it.

New price with all of those replaced is $170

if you want the old items instead of the new, then the price is $140




… you should probably take this down before getting banned there are rules here and you’re just ignoring them lol


I’ll wait for a mod, I don’t see the problem. I’m just trying to sell my stick. Not many people have korean sticks, so I’m sure someone would be happy to have this.


Id suggest posting the stick up for sale on facebook group TOM if your a tekken player


The problem is that there are rules for selling here and you’re not following them. It’s pretty simple


been busy. will do that.


Ill PM you,