WTS: HRAP3 with Sanwa Buttons

Hi Guys,

I live in Sydney Australia and have a HRAP3 with Sanwa buttons for sale.

Its in good condition, got it when I got SF4. Selling it because I have a TE stick now.

I’m willing to ship it to the US. but it might be expensive, I’ll look into the cost of shipping if I have any reasonable offers. PM me or message here if you interested and what you want to pay.


I’m fairly certain the rules say you have to post a price, instead of just asking for the best offer, unless you are linking to ebay. I apologize if this is incorrect.

I’m sorry, I didn’t realise ( I know I should have read the rules).

I honestly just don’t know what they sell for 2nd hand.

I might just chuck it on ebay…

since when is the TE better than a hrap3 with sanwa buttons?

what colour is it?

Also interested got a pic of this stick, and a price?


Well, mdsfx sold his TE sticks for $210+ on eBay. Maybe you could sell yours for $200? I’m not trying to rip you off, I don’t intend on buying it, just a suggestion ^^

He’s not selling a TE stick.

sell it for $175USD+shipping. very fair price if the case is in excellent condition.

I think he could easily sell it for that price.

no need to over charge for it though. a new one is what… $100? sanwa buttons are like $20 tops… but sticks are in high demands thats why i put $175. if they wernt i would say $150+shipping.

A TE fightstick is worth more than HRAP